Day One – Thirty Day Challenge

List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I am a big bold steady rock who wishes to be a flowing river.

2. I am bisexual and proud to admit it.

3. I am bipolar.

4. I love doing research.

5. I actually understand abstract art.

6. My favorite sound is silence.

7. I often get lost inside my own head.

8. I prefer my own company.

9. I hear the Universe talking to me.

10. I prefer to be owned by black, male cats.

11. I rarely get bored.

12. I spend most of my spare money on books.

13. I love Chinese food.

14. My mantra is “I am abundance.”

15. I want to travel to India, but not until it is safe for women again.

16. I have only a few close friends.

17. I hate surprises.

18. Autumn is my favorite season.

19. I am a practicing Buddhist.

20. John Lennon is my favorite of The Beatles.

Optional November Writing Challenges

In the beginning of September, I had an idea: write poetry every day until the end of October and then do NANOWRIMO.

Unfortunately things didn’t work out so well because every time I sat down to write poetry, flash fiction ideas would pop into my head. So I would write a few flash fiction pieces and then go back to writing poetry. And then the well dried up. I struggled to write anything. I watched September slip by with only 10 poems written the entire month and 2 flash fiction pieces. I tried to not get discouraged and told myself that if I doubled up in October, I could still get 60 new poems written. Yeah, that didn’t happen either. The more I scheduled writing, the less writing I did. I would find anything to occupy my time other than writing. October passed and I may have written another 10 poems and maybe 1-2 flash fiction pieces. And then I thought to myself: “There is no way in hell I can commit to a whole month of novel writing!”

I still want November to be a writing month. So I’ve decided to do two things. One, write “small stones” every day and to take a 30 day challenge. The small stones will keep the poetry flowing and the challenge will help me to reflect on myself more, to dig down deep.

So while I will sit on the sidelines this year as the world around me writes a novel in 30 days, I will notice the small pebbles along the pathway. Good luck to everyone doing NaNoWriMo!