Day Two – 30 Day Challenge

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1. Fear of heights and 2. downward stairs (including downward escalators) — I believe both stem from falling down a long flight of stairs as a child and cracking my skull on the cement step at the end. I get these tingling feelings in my feet that go up my legs and this horrible sinking feeling in my stomach. My legs tremble and I feel like I am going to fall.

3. Fear of being called a fraud — This is probably the most ridiculous fear one could have, but I think it comes from my Senior High School Creative Writing teacher. She told me I would never be a writer. So everything I write, I fear that someone will see through my work and call me a fraud. This drove me insane when I was in college and writing tons of papers. With every “A,” I just knew eventually someone would find me out. This is also why I have never been very serious about my writing when all I have ever wanted to be was a writer.


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