Day 8 – 30 Day Challenge

What are 5 passions you have?

1. Writing is my number one passion. It is what drives me even when I am as sick as I am now.

2. Spirituality is another passion. I love learning about anything and everything spiritual.

3. Researching is also a passion. It used to be merely a hobby, but when you devote as much time and enthusiasm into it as I do, you realize that it is no longer merely a hobby.

4. Eating is a passion and one I should probably be less enthused about, but I love trying new recipes, especially if they are vegetarian.

5. Spending time with my cat, Izzy has become a passion over the last 8 months that he has been in my life. He brings me more joy than just about anything.

What's on your mind? Let me know!

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