Day 11 – 30 Day Challenge

a bit late…

Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

1. Because I have a serious case of OCD, when I put something somewhere, I have a reasonable expectation that when I go back later, that something is where I put it. My pet peeve is when people move that something without telling me so. It drives me batty!

2. People talking on cellphones in a waiting line. I do not want to hear their conversations! I remember when phone calls were private matters… wth happened??

3. Too much news about: Miley Cyrus… *gags* …enough said.

4. Too much news about: the Kardashians …who effin cares?!

5. People who think bisexuality is a choice and wants bisexuals to chose one side or the other so they can put us in a nice neat little box. It’s not a choice; it is not curiosity; it is not because we are pissed off at one side of the fence or the other and switch back and forth because of it. We are who we are. Get over it!

6. The political war against women by the predominately male perspective of the right.

7. Every time there is a mass shooting, the media automatically assumes that the person is mentally ill. This causes further stigmas against mental illness that is already widely misunderstood.

8. Artificial sweeteners showing up in products that are not designated as diet. Regular sodas from Dollar Tree, Wrigley’s Big Red gum, store brand of Raisin Bran… all containing aspartame. Aspartame gives me panic attacks… I have to check all labels now.

9. Negative people

10. Parents who let their kids run around stores and restaurants screaming and crying while they ignore them outright or talk on their cellphones. 





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