Day 20 – 30 Day Challenge

Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

This is a bit difficult since I have memory issues… but here I go.

1. I remember waking up on the operating table when I was about 6, having my tonsils taken out. Days later I remember my mother and father arguing and I was crying, My throat was very sore. These are significant because they are the only memories I have of my life at that age.

2. I had read a book called Green Bottle Street about a missing street where time had stood still. It was hidden and forgotten. I remember looking for such a street all over my town, eventually finding an alleyway that led to a small street that I dubbed Green Bottle Street because I had discovered it and it seemed like time had forgotten it too. This was significant because it allowed my imagination to soar and I enjoyed the exploration process.

3. Senior Class Night… the most humiliating night of my life. I learned the unspeakable cruelty of people. My rosy glasses crashed to the ground and shattered into a million tiny splinters of pink glass.

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