~Dedicated to my new Kindle~

No no no!
You are messing it all up!
why replace what is precious?
I cannot smell you
feel you
or flip through you
I cannot look around at you with pride
count you
as I run my fingers along your sides
nor rejoice in your stacked delight

You are stoic
a plastic container holding words
it doesn’t matter that you are light
breathe light
and become darkness
with a flip of a switch
Nor does it matter that you hold
thousands of precious souls captive
You are still not a book

Day 29 – 30 Day Challenge

been sick… again… so behind as usual


What do you think people misunderstand most about you?

I am a very private person, an introvert and get anxiety in crowds. So I tend to stay to myself a lot. I think people assume that I am selfish, rude, and aloof. I’ve even been accused of not liking people, which is far from the truth. I dislike ignorance, racism, and prejudice. I have little tolerance for people who display those attributes.