A Letter to Dad, Father’s Day 2013 — Poetry

Dear Dad —

there’s a soft rain falling today
reminding me of home
and you —

rain ping
pinging on the tin roof
like your laughter ringing through the house

I could have spent my entire life
comfortably by your side —
instead I ran from God
mother’s childhood and small-minded people
my own mind, a wide-open chasm
even you fell through —
I didn’t even know you were gone
that’s how selfish I’d become

and now, so far away from you —
you’ve become my Zen master
just relax and enjoy the day
if I had only been an ample student
I would have known this my entire life

like the drops of rain on the tin roof
slow and methodical, like laughter pealing

© 2013 Lori Carlson

2 thoughts on “A Letter to Dad, Father’s Day 2013 — Poetry

  1. Dear Lori/Iona/Mrs. Nerissa,

    I’ve been browsing through your blog and I am really touched that you thought my work was worth reading.

    Your poetry is haunting, and yet there are still gems like this poem that are really beautiful. I have a long way to go before I reach that level of skill, but I just wanted to say thank you now and to hope that you continue to create great content.

    • Lori Carlson says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I think your skill level is perfect. No need to compare yourself to anyone else, nor diminish your own work. You are a fine writer and I am delighted to read more of your work. And please, just call me Lori 🙂 Blessings!

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