Laments of a Destitute Housewife — Poetry

Sweet Jesus, what has become of me?
This tangled mop of hair
Loss of bit, an elephant’s girth—
Even I find me so repulsive
I’ve smashed mirrors
To hide my shame

This world has swallowed me
Regurgitated the most vile parts
And paraded me for all to see—
Bystanders turn their heads
Even the curious deny me

Is it any wonder I seek death?
To rid myself of this pain—
A heart dipped in lead
So heavy, so heavy
And these burdens burning my soul—
I am but ashes, ashes
And now, with the wind, even less so

©2014, Lori Carlson

13 thoughts on “Laments of a Destitute Housewife — Poetry

  1. I enjoyed this little gem filled with a storm of emotions. I enjoy writing to air the soul at another blog I use under a pseudonym . I am humbled you visited Tournesol. I’m only five decades late in finally writing for pleasure cl

  2. booguloo says:

    I like the numbering. I Have always liked short poems. It reminds me of the p.s. I often see…If I had the time I would have written a shorter letter.


    • Lori Carlson says:

      I also enjoy short poems. I’ve written many Haiku, Senryu and Tanka poems over the years. I also write “small stones” now and again… small poetic quips of my day… definitely like the p.s. of letters *smiles* thanks, Michael

  3. Anusri B says:

    Reblogged this on Penslide and commented:
    A must read, it somehow strikes a chord in me!! A truly well written poem, that has done justice to expressing the thoughts and emotions of a Housewife, in my opinion!

  4. Anusri B says:

    My pleasure, I have also shared your poems with my friends, they were also impressed. 🙂 So, I shared your blog!! Glad to connect with you, looking forward for more! 🙂

  5. Anusri B says:

    Bravo!! I just read a couple of your poems and will be reading more soon. I tell you, you have a way to make others visualize the words and empathize with it. 🙂 Keep writing and don’t wait for feed-backs, but do share. 🙂

    • Lori Carlson says:

      Thanks, Anursi… it was a melt-down day for me, but I finally found a small intimate group on FB that does give feedback. It has been refreshing… thank you so much for reading me!

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