The Muse — Poetry

She gathers moonbeams by the sea
harnesses the energy in her hands
and tosses knowledge to mankind

She has kept the stories alive
through lyrics and songs
prophesies of old for mankind

She awakens poets at midnight
churns words into rhyme
sacred tomes shared with mankind

She is a silent whisper
a breath upon the four winds
a reminder of tomorrows for mankind

She is diviner and magician
set high upon Olympus
a channel between gods and mankind

©April 2015, Lori Carlson

The Perpetual Cycle — Poetry

First me, then you
we take turns screaming
our voices shrill
long into the night
no compromises, no surrender

we go to separate rooms
computers flared up
music booming through shadows
of angry faces and redden eyes

Sleep fails us
and by morning’s rays
we stomp around each other
avoiding eye contact
tension as thick as mire

Your anger creates chaos
of shattered plates
and smashed computer parts
I cower in my room
shaken by your wrath

By midday, I emerge
beholden to my nature
ever the one to give-in
lower myself to knees knelt
and reverse the course

©April 2015, Lori Carlson

Fear — Poetry

you simply won’t do —
you are eschewed
all bone
a poor pathetic thing
rolling in your memories
hanging on to the past
like a sacred tome —
You have no life of your own now
You’ve been assimilated —
the we, the we!

you’ve given up control —
do you get it now?
Don’t you see?
It’s far easier to cease
than to be!
You’ve little courage —
down on your knees, pleading
the begging, the begging —

the desire to be free
is no match for fear —
you’ve bathed in it for years
it’s soaked into your skin
runs rampant in your veins
’til it settles in your heart
your lungs
drips from your fingertips
rubbed raw
from counting days on the stucco walls

How long have your passions been imprisoned here?

Twelve years, twelve years!
years like memories — wasted away

©February 2014, Lori Carlson

Less Than Nothing — Poetry


~for the Universal You~

I may as well be a ghost
as far as you bother—
every time I display myself
you turn the other way

this curse has lingered
from childhood – ignored
thru adulthood – scorned
into marriage – rejected

even now as I sling
inky tar against cotton
my stains never cross
the divide of your mind—
my oblivion complete

reduced to an aberration
even my haunts elude you

©April 2014, Lori Carlson

Upcoming Weekly Prompts

Come join me!

Originally posted on Burning the Root:

Tomorrow, I will begin posting a daily prompt. You can use them any way you see fit: poetry, journaling, fiction, art, photography, etc.They will be posted on the following schedule:

  • Monday: Journal prompts
  • Tuesday: Photo or Music prompts
  • Wednesday: Poetry prompts
  • Thursday: Fiction prompts
  • Friday: “Words to Write By” Prompts — I will post up to ten random words
  • Saturday: Literary Quotable prompts
  • Sunday: Inspirational prompts

I am always looking for great prompts and I know many other writers here are too. I hope you all find this as exciting as I do. If you participate, please link back to this blog and please, tell your friends! See you tomorrow for Poetry Wednesday!

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Exhaustion — Poetry

I exhaust you
I exhaust me too —
this calamity of my mind
leaves a decimated forest in its wake
nothing beautiful flourishes here

And yet, you still love me —
despite the reign of terror
I unleash with voice and hands
the screaming, screaming
and objects aimed at your head —

I am a wildebeest!

In those moments of rage
I am engulfed by fire
my eyes frantically scan
for any exit in sight
but I cannot escape myself
I am trapped inside this mind
as much a hostage to my illness
as you are for loving me

I can’t make this fair for you —
no amount of wishing makes it go away
nor denial
it’s not a matter of if, but when
I will go off again —
How many times will you put out the fire?
How many times before we are both so exhausted
we are consumed by the flames?
Exhausted, exhausted
And die

©November 2013, Lori Carlson