small stones – January 6, 2016


art credit: Morning Coffee by Cynthia Edwards

I remember those moments
of casual conversation
reminiscing about the day
story-telling of the past
as we sipped our morning coffee

there were whole days
weeks and years
I thought I’d never get the chance again
neither of us were getting any younger
and your hearing fades away

and yet, here we are
as in times gone by
doing this very thing


14 thoughts on “small stones – January 6, 2016

  1. Being able to spend time with your father is good — it sounds like the relationship, even as you move towards caregiver, is solid.
    Being caregiver for my mother was rough as she didn’t want me there and never co-operated. This has coloured my memories of her.
    I do so hope that your relationship with your father remains good, and I’m glad you’re having moments and memories to cherish.
    Beautiful small stones.

    • Lori Carlson says:

      Thank you… He and I have always had a special relationship. Hopefully the caregiving will still be a few years from now as he is a very active 73 yr old, just that his hearing is going. I completely understand how you feel about your mother… I could not have been her caregiver near her end. Our relationship was difficult when she was still a relatively strong woman, it would have been near impossible when she became quite ill. My father and brother took good care of her though.

  2. It sounds like a heart-warming moment!

  3. We are never too old Lori and isn’t it good to think we can still do things today we thought maybe had passed us by….hope you are doing well today…

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