The Heart Goes Missing

Powerful poeming and gorgeous rhymes… love, loss and broken hearts
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No Talent For Certainty

When all the towers you could build
Come tumbling to the ground,
When all the music you have loved
Becomes just so much sound

When all that you held precious is
Dismissed for someone new,
The heart goes missing for a time
There’s nothing you can do

Instead of heartbeats, there’s an aching
Constantly, inside;
In lieu of courage, emptiness,
Where once there was some pride

They say the heart is broken, but
There’s madness in its place:
I’d say the heart goes missing;
Filling up
The space

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Just Jot It January : Skulls

Dark, beautiful, and deathly inspiring! A MUST read!
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Today 12th January’s post is  suggested  by Dean at Dean’z Doodlez





The  girl  was a mystery an anathema out of orbit  and out of  sight

She  moved  silently  shrouded  in  dark moving  by  night.

She had  an endless yet important  job  to perform

All skulls  must  and  souls  must  be  collected  by dawn.

Moonlight’s  silver  was all  she  had  ever  known

No warmth  from the  sun,  in dark she has  grown

Her  dress spun  from  cobwebs lovingly made

By spiders oozing  silk thread around her parade.

Though the night  was  all that  she  knew

She longed  for  the  sun  and  to  see skies  of  blue

Sadly  as  part of  Death’s  family

She  was  condemned to the dark, never to be free.

Skulls, and  innocent  souls of women, babies and  men,

Her  tears long dried up, she…

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JusJoJan the 12th – Skull

Dark, chilling and yet so beautifully crafted! THIS is a must read!
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Linda G. Hill

My love lives on skull island,
where roses grow from bony sockets
and children draw faces in caves
where their ancestors lay.

No trees grow on skull island;
only grey rocks, flat and colourless as the sky above
with its eternal cloud cover, threatens
but never gifts rain.

My dear lives on skull island,
damned to rule over sinless children
growing roses as penance
for my death.
JJJ 2016

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