That Bastard Schopenhauer – Poetry

To say that all we desire:
Procreate and then die!
Death is all that awaits me then —
My memory fades
with no offspring to emulate me
no one to say, she’s just like her mother
No, no one will praise
these ghastly hands nor this bitter mouth
nor these sheets of words
worn raw and bloodied
My own selfish claw ripped
away any hope of excellence
No amount of labor will bear my likeness —
No colony of bees will swarm
To protect my womb
No, not for me —
I will die as I have lived
alone and lonely upon this earth
forgotten, forgotten
and give my last breath to Death

Copyright ©2014, Lori Carlson

Guest Poet -Srdjan Solkotovic

The following poem is from guest poet, Srdjan Solkotovic @ The Writing Hut. Run Away is taken from Srdjan’s book of poetry, Rain and Wind, published in 2013 at Smashwords. All rights belong to the author and I have been given permission to post this poem here. Please do not distribute without Srdjan’s permission.

Run Away

Run away
Don’t let the rain scare you
Don’t let the wind hold you back
Run away into the world
The clouds will fade away
And the sun will shine your way
The wind will blow in a different direction
And it will push you forward

Run away
Don’t live your life in fear
Can’t you hear
They are calling for you
The spirits, they don’t want you to fear
Let a tear when you have to
But never forget that you are still you
Run away, don’t live without seeing the world.

Copyright 2013 Srdjan Solkotovic

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Unripen – Poetry

These thin vines hang burdened by berries
As black birds await first signs of ripening

I was once an unripen girl–thin, gangly
Hanging on your every word–wide-eyed, in awe
Your dark eyes searching for signs of womanhood

You plucked away at my innocence–foul-mouthed
Filling my head with pornographic filth
Your hands finding reasons to brush my thighs
Or gentle hugs that lingered far too long

I didn’t understand your advances then
My young mind still blossoming, not caught up
With the changes of breasts and curves

The night you forced yourself upon me
Did my unripen berries leave a bitter taste?

Copyright ©July 2015 Lori Carlson