powerful and raw imagery! A MUST read!
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Pooky's Poems

Each wound a jagged edge
With which he’d have to live.
Each scar a tale told,
Retold ad infinitum.
Each cut, further proof
Of a life that hurt too much.
But each day lived
A survivor’s tale.
Not living;
Holding on
To jagged edges,
With tired fingers,
A blade,
And a fistful of hope.

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Beautifully crafted poem that reminds us: Nature never forgets
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Poesy plus Polemics

(Originally posted here December, 2013)

“Forest Glade” Painting by Walter Boodle From “Forest Glade”
Painting by Walter Boodle

forever ago
I carved my infinity
into the knee of a tree
and the woods came alive
with hurt whispers of why
and an everlast promise
they’d never forget
my brief passage
no need of my sign
to remind them
we shared an

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Nocturne with Flame

A toasty poem to warm your heart on a cold winter’s day
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O at the Edges

Closeup of campfire.

Nocturne with Flame

Not imposition, but welcome.

Another’s stirred embers, banked
and forming the kindling’s base.

Thus the licked paper curling with smoke,
stars shooting into the blackness,
and finally, exploding light
transformed to heat.

From one’s loss, another’s gain.

The flickering on my cheek.
Inhaled bitterness and memory.
The wait, the period before.

Like the owl in the live oak,
or the mice under our floor
returning, I celebrate the cycle,
and grow warm.


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