The Halls Are Empty

Powerful, raw, the heartache of lost love so well expressed.
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The caverns and hallways
are empty,
voided and denied,
desolate in their vastness.

I stepped,
walked through the shards
of worlds trapped
below the floor,
and I searched
for your hands,
for that embrace
shaped like summer streets,
like ocean walkways
and backway piers.

I tested out new paths,
different roads and boulevards,
but none felt like home,
like those ten minute storms
and that late night laughter
swelling in your lungs,
bursting from lips,
the ones that devoured me
with every kiss,
every breath
gliding against my skin.

None looked with
your eyes,
your heat,
your hands.
None saw
the way you saw,
the way you’ve always
seen me.

Without you,
I’m left with



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