Poignant poem with vivid imagery… I know this all too well
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Shawn L. Bird

How strange

that this space that was always filled by you

is vacant now.

Some time,

I don’t know when,

you stopped paying rent and disappeared.

Now the corner where you lived

has fallen into disrepair

and when I look for what used to be

I see only

moldy fragments in the space

that was yours.

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2:05 a.m. Prayer (Haiku)

Wow! I need to pray this prayer more often… self-doubt is a bummer!
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Impromptu Promptlings

2:05 this morning Drollery woke me getting up to get a drink of water. But what was weird was I got right up, walked into the living room and wrote this down as is. I must have been praying in my sleep…


2:05 a.m. Prayer

go ’round me, dear God,
for I am the one always
there in my own way



Picture Credit: www.christchurchhouston.com

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Just Jot It January: Serendipity Haiku

Beautiful Serendipity Haiku! not one, but three!
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THIS IS  PART  OF  LINDAGHILL’S  JUST JOT IT JANUARY .  Today 28th January the  prompt is Serendipity and  is  provided  by  Jan at JT Twissel




Serendipity  Haiku  Dog

Shivering  in  rain

Cold dog found given new name



Serendipity Haiku Lost and  found

Her purse  lost on bus


Baby photos, cards and cash

All handed back safe


Serendipity Haiku Rainbow Wedding


Waking to more rain

Caught in glare of the sun’s ray

Rainbow wedding day


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