THE NOISES ON THE OTHER SIDE by E.F. Olsson {Short Flash}

Gripping, powerful ghost story… this one will fool ya!
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E. F. Olsson

What's on the other side of the door?THE NOISES ON THE OTHER SIDE by E.F. Olsson

The bedroom was dark. Rain pattered against the long window. It was colder for this time of year. Even in the middle of the day, it was gloomy with the sun tucked away behind the continuous cloud cover.

In the corner of the upstairs bedroom, Colleen and Maggie sat huddled holding onto each other. Their eyes were wide and unblinking.

“Did you hear that?” Asked Colleen. Her voice was shaky and uncertain.

Maggie craned her head to listen than frantically shook her head.

“I hear yelling,” Colleen whispered.

“Are they coming?” Maggie said and gripped her old sister tighter. Tears began to well up and stream down her cheeks.

Footsteps pounded up a staircase. The floor creaked outside of the bedroom door. Maggie closed her eyes as if to wish the noises to go away. The footsteps continued on to another…

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Glass, Miles, and the Pull of Gravity

Powerful imagery… I can feel the fall and the horrible pull of gravity!
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I feel the slipping,
the grasping you do
right before you leap
head first
off the cliff you carry
in your path.
Your fingernails dig in
but they’re only
as strong as you let them,
so they crack
and you fall
and I watch,
a helpless voyeur
trapped behind glass and miles.

You say you’re coming back
and I can feel the pull
of that sad magic
trailing behind you
like gravity,
yanking me back in
as if I had never left.



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“The Children of War”

Amazing poem filled with shameful truths… this is society today
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I hear it in the cities

Nothing but broken promises

I hear it echo in the mountains

Drowned out now by the pounding thunder

I feel the terror, yet do not see the pain

Cover your ears and close your eyes

Should you feel their plight

Overhead the whine of another bomb

Soon another child is taken

Another family broken

The innocent, the children of war

Pat your backs you mighty beast

For what you’ve taken

The children cry out from their pain

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February on A Whispered Wind

February will be pretty quiet here on A Whispered Wind. I will most likely just be posting “small stones” and occasionally I may post a poem or two from my archives. I will also continue to reblog posts here from those I follow.

Over at Promptly Written, I will be writing 29 Horror Tales. If you are not already following that blog, you may consider doing so now so that you won’t miss any of these exciting tales!

See you tomorrow!