Powerful punch in the gut… a poem about human trafficking and slavery.
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A much deserved fat Havana

for the wintered-well one

who rules the stinking roost

sat puffed-up as he tots up

the spoils of war in a bar

in a sultry faraway place

his fresh meat pieces of tail

shipment delivered up

safe and almost sound

south of Old Father Thames

a ramshackle Edwardian pit

maybe, yet a pit will be

their home from home

besides so long as the girls

scrub up half decent

refrain from whinging

then hard currency galore

money for old rope really

‘Coercion’ some soppy

bleeding-heart on a crusade

knocked out in the local rag

perish the thought, maybe

stretched the truth when

the girls parted with the cash

maybe promised caring jobs

just never said caring

for cash up front sicko’s

a little white lie of no consequence

besides if they play up it’s nothing

a good slap, a razor cut won’t cure

push the…

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