Tale Weaver #50: “sending out an SOS” – Message in a Bottle

A hilarious, clever tale… oh those blasted Tale Weavers!
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Dear Friends

This tale is the most amazing I have ever received and I acquired it by sheer accident. Last Friday as I was walking along the beach near home I came across a bottle washed up on the shore. Inside was a note and a note like I never suspected.

I pulled the note from inside the bottle and unwrapped it.

I am going to relay the contents to you and ask what would you do in my shoes?

Dear Person who finds this note,

I desperately need your help.

Please call the police, the fire brigade,

All emergency services and bring a ladder.

I have found myself locked inside the Tale Weaver.

What you think is a gentle weekly prompt is in fact a portal to the most devilish of places.

I know it was my fault to challenge the hosts into a frenzied argument as the validity…

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