Collaboration for Peace – 6

A beautiful reminder via poetics
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It’s Sunday (actually it’s Saturday but I’m traveling all day Sunday and won’t be able to post) which means another Collaboration For Peace! Mishand I are happy to share our creations and hope that they can inspire you in some small way.


(photo by Mish)

Peace Comes

peace comes not from inky
words on paper
or notes sung by choirs of angels
it comes instead when two souls
reach across the gap of
their differences
to find commonality

© candace kubinec

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A NIGHT AT THE THEATER by E.F. Olsson {short flash}

Well-written, scary flash fiction… what did all of that carnage?!
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E. F. Olsson


I took my place in the school theater. Luckily a seat was available on the end so in the event I had to take care of some business, I didn’t have to step on toes and blocked views as I made my way to the aisle. Most parents fought to be close so they could record their child’s performance on their smart phone. This was the second show of the year and a formable one, the ‘Great Gatsby’.

Thomas had been working hard to be apart of this production. When he first told me that he was going to be a part of the show, I asked him which part are you playing, Nick Carraway? Jay Gatsby? Perhaps, Tom Buchanan?

“No,” he said. “None of them, dad.”

“Then who else is there?”

“I get to use the left spotlight.”

“Oh. And I…

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Walking in Dreams

A sad reminder that lost love often ends up feeling like all of the time spent has become mere dreams…
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It’s all slipping away,
each shiny minute you were mine.

We crumble as we fall,
ancient shards on frozen floors,
and all I see is you,
holding me up,
reminding me to breathe,
proving we existed
even when it felt like
walking in dreams.



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