Hump Day Poetry – Week 1

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~for Lisa D.

You wait
palms sweaty
breathing gasped
eyes widened, aware
fingers itchin’
toes twitchin’
hairs stand
straight up
in the air
you quiver
and shiver
mouth dried, parched
insides jumpin’
heart thumpin’
mind races
body paces
needy beyond compare

all of this in
of this small

©2016 Lori Carlson. All Rights Reserved.



Happenings in the World of Poetry

Each Friday, Calen over at Impromptu Promptlings posts a Friday Favorites where she highlights a poet. Check out her post this past Friday here.

It is National Haiku Writing Month! It’s not too late to join in. And check out this interview by Robert Lee Brewer from Poetic Asides about the owner and creator of NaHaiWriMo, Michael Dylan Welch

If you have a poetry book or chapbook (or know someone who does) and would like to see it featured here on Hump Day Poetry, or you know of a special poetry event, or poet interview you would like highlighted, or if you know of a contest or blog that hosts poetry prompts… seriously, anything dealing with poetry, drop me an email at ravynhawke(a)gmail(dot)com


8 thoughts on “Hump Day Poetry – Week 1

  1. MythRider says:

    So much like life.

  2. I think Lisa will find the anticipation worthwhile!

  3. calensariel says:

    Oh Lori! That is just the coolest poem! What a “gotcha” right at the end. You are SO creative I’m jealous! Well done!

  4. The excitement and expectation you can’t beat it Lori. Beautifully captured….

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