small stones – February 14, 2016


on this day for lovers
I am alone, but not bored
I’ve had my share of gaiety
lovers galore
romances and stolen glances
affairs of a whore
I’ve been in love
and in lust,
but no more
I’ve resign my past
a celibate, I’ve become
to protect what’s left
of this heart, evermore


8 thoughts on “small stones – February 14, 2016

  1. thezenofbeingblog says:

    I love the movement of this prose. You take us, quickly, from the past to the present with beautiful rhythm. 😉

  2. You’ve entered a mature stage in life. With still a lot of life and love to follow.

  3. What you chase goes away! I met my hubby when I had renounced relationships! Have a blessed Sunday!

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