small stones – February 21,2016


Photograph by Ingo Dumreicher titled “Place of Silence”

In silence, I work
I proceed with my day
going about, doing

In silence, I know myself
my mind focuses
an awakening meditation

In silence, I breathe
my heart opens
the Divine speaks

…and I listen
in silence

14 thoughts on “small stones – February 21,2016

  1. Deanie Humphrys-Dunne says:

    Very nice poem. I think it takes a special talent to be able to write poetry. I missed that one for sure! Best wishes

  2. Ron. says:

    So hard, especially these days, to create the silence. Well done.

  3. Otio Emmanuel says:

    precise, clear, heartwarming and makes me just start loving poetry. a must follow. Thanks for following too… we are one.

  4. A lot accomplished in beautiful silence.

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