Photo Challenge #101 February 23, 2016 – Being You

Beautiful words to treasure
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Image: Sparrow – Four Photographs by Victor Rakmil

I wondered what might happen

If you suspended yourself in my life

If you took leave and settled in.

Would you wake in the midnight hour

Distressed from vivid dream

Seek me out for comfort

Relax into my arms.

Would you say it’s all too much.

You need a space that’s just for you

A break away to gather your thoughts.

I want to watch you fly my love

Be the woman I see each day

Free from horrors and nightmares.

Where your words will flow

Your laughter rings out

A place for you to be you.

For when you look down

Upon your own reflection

You’ll see yourself

Smiling back.

Then touching my cheek

No words need be said

We’ll know you are here.

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