Haibun Monday #8 – In the Terminal

Gorgeous haibun of contrasts!
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e1d4157505d714e9375f63cc65648c2cThis week the task is: Today, I’d like to invite you to consider one of your own journeys, or even a travel experience you have read about, and use it to develop a new haibun. Maybe you would like to write about a trip that deeply affected you or from which you learnt something new, whether it was to the neighborhood park or to a far-off land.

I’m waiting at the terminal. Nervous folk like me are there all gathered inside away from the winter chill. It’s my first time away from home and across a vast distance. At home the sun is relentless in its heat, the fields brown from the sweltering sun.

Outside winter bites at passers by. Rugged against the cold with heads down, their minds set on faraway places. I am waiting in anticipation of her arrival. No matter the weather she is sunshine to me…

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