Hump Day Poetry – Week 5


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The rules:

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Click HERE for further information. And now for my poem of the week….


These Breezes
~for Lisa D.

I long to see your hair
blowing in the breeze
ocean spray and sand
o the day we will seize!

I long to see the wind
whipping through the air
blowing us together
along the beach out there

these care-free breezes
chasing us along
our resounding laughter
our only song

©2016 Lori Carlson. All Rights Reserved.



Happenings in the World of Poetry

I know it is still early March, but it is never too early to begin thinking about April which is National Poetry Month. Two sites (that I know of!) host Poetry the entire month of April:

Robert Brewer over at Poetic Asides hosts April PAD Challenge. You can see the guidelines here

Maureen Thorson hosts the NaPoWriMo here

And check out this article which lists 170 Literary Magazines Accepting Reprints (and new material too! For fiction, poetry, essays, etc.)



19 thoughts on “Hump Day Poetry – Week 5

  1. What a wonderful capture of a breezy (in weather and spirit) time on the beach. Good luck with all your April adventures! Writing an A 2 Z of people who inspire you sounds really interesting.
    I wrote a rather weird hump poem I’ve yet to post. We’ll see.

  2. rosemawrites says:

    I felt the breeze. The saltiness of the ocean. The warmth of sand. 🙂 This is just… lovely! 🙂

    Thank you for telling me about NaPoWriMo! Just signed-up! 😀

  3. maria says:

    Oh… I love the imagery you conveyed in this poem. So carefree… 🙂

    And thank you for sharing the links Lori! YAY! My poetic heart jumps in glee. 😀 I already decided poetry as my theme for April’s A to Z challenge and I think I will be joining NaPoWriMo too. 😀 😀 😀

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