what happens when one sits before a keyboard on a Wednesday

An absolute brilliant penning for Hump Day Poetry… vivid imagery!
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hdp-bannerI walk through my lifescape

like geico camel

CGI reveling in real

all about me is projected

green-screen world that

acts out my life for me

too unreal to exist

outside the gamers


reality is one of those

suburban legends

mix of bbq smoke

and citronella

gone to the head

washed down with

bottled water and a bud (light)

when I touch the wall, it moves away

just enough to sense not to see

the world is elastic — pulled so it can not snap back the same

and I am the smoke and mirrored in-ground pool

resting on the Adirondack lounge

while the hackers and the CGIers

construct a new scene, or is it life

for me?

Hump Day Poetry (conjuring the Geico Camel)

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