Hi, I am Jillian, a friend of Lori’s… she asked me to post this notice for her.

Yesterday evening… due to a windstorm… the neighbor’s tree fell onto the line that controls her phone, cable and wifi (she has a landline…she’s a dinosaur!)… there is a repair call in (thanks to me since I have a cellphone hahaha!) but they may not be able to get to her today since a LOT of people are down in the area… if they get to her today… she will be back online. If not… it could be late Monday before she returns…she said to tell her readers of her mystery story not to fear all parts will be put up when she gets back on… I said I could totally take over your blogs now! she was not happy with that… so I won’t… she also said to tell Annette that she will miss her this weekend… Annette.. Lori will miss you this weekend and will chat with you as soon as she gets back online. There… done. Now I just hope I can post this thing without screwing up…. Peace out!