May on A Whispered Wind

Like April, May will be a bit quiet, but hopefully not nearly as slow here. I will still be posting “small stones” daily and reblogs. I may even dig up more poems and fiction from my archives.

However, over at Promptly Written, I will be writing 31 new stories via StoryADay. It should be exciting and if you aren’t already following me there, you may want to consider doing so now so you won’t miss any of these new stories. Julie always has exciting story prompts and I am sure this year will not be an exception.

See you tomorrow!

small stones – April 28, 2016


a strange, unusual, rambling early morning small stone…

a friend asked me why I rarely write fiction in first person
the simplest explanation is I generally write about other characters and the *I* seems far too personal
but I don’t think the explanation is so simple anymore
my poetry is almost always personal
I bleed on the page, shed skin and veins and become mere bones
maybe I am scared of putting too much of me into my works of fiction
I distance myself from the characters I write so that they can live their own lives and not the strange, dark life I exist in
otherwise, all of my characters would be the same – melancholy, withdrawn, sad, slightly demented, perhaps
or maybe all of this is merely bullshit
and I am sure to change opinions tomorrow


small stones – April 27, 2016


art credit: Drama Free Zone by Jo Claire Hall – Drama Free Zone Digital Art

as painful as it is to admit
the more I gave in to drama
the less of me survived
I became a shriveled mass
a dull, lifeless nothingness
ruled by anger and defeat
the longer I fed the drama monkeys
the less time I had to create
to write, to inspire, to reflect
on the kind of life I deserve
and so, as hard as it may sound
it was easy enough to do –
I just stopped feeding them

Hump Day Poetry – Week 12


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And now for my poem of the week….

Morning Breezes
~for Lisa D.

a sinister breeze blows
awakens me from deep sleep
a scream down the street
of one in pain and despair

a flashback occurs
my own pain and fear
his hands curled
around my neck, tightening

my own screams for help
gone unheard
I faced my attacker alone
clawed at his chest

the screams in my head
and the screams down the street
are one in the same
someone’s life is in danger

and I rise from my bed
frightened, confused
’til reality sets in
and I am safe once more

yes, a melancholic breeze blows
ushers in dark memories
when you were gone
and my life was so uncertain

©2016 Lori Carlson. All Rights Reserved.

Happenings in the World of Poetry

Each week I will list 5 poetry (and fiction!) bloggers who I follow and enjoy their work. I hope you will take a few moments to check out their blogs. Here is this week’s offerings:

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  • At the NPM Daily blog, you’ll find a new interview with a poet each day during April.
  • The WaterSedge Poetry Chapbook contest is hosted by Writer’s Relief, Inc. The chapbook contest runs to May 25, 2016. The winning poet will receive a $500 cash prize; publication of the poetry chapbook in both print and e-book formats; Amazon distribution for Kindle and print; and 25 free print copies. The contest is limited to poetry chapbooks 24 – 48 pages in length, and the entry fee is $20. Click the link above for complete contest submission guidelines.
  • The Fictional Cafe is accepting submissions for poetry (and fiction!). You must join to submit, but you can join for free.
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If you know of other happenings in the world of poetry or  blogs that host poetry challenges, let me know in comments and I will include them in next week’s Happenings!

small stones – April 26, 2016


if I didn’t know better
(and I do!)
I’d swear dark forces conspired
to keep me from sleep
a car horn blaring
neighbors yelling
dogs barking
blue jays screeching
(all before 7 am)
screen door banging
diesel engines grinding
brother stirring upstairs
(all by 8 am)
tummy turning
pee-fairies attacking
the smell of coffee brewing
(all around 9 am)
a final sigh
and out of bed I rise