Hump Day Poetry – Week 9 – Where the Fantasy Lives.

Sharing some beautiful Hump Day poetry…
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Looking forward she thought it was good.

Then again, yesterday was a good

Or so she thought

Of cakes and whistles and whirly gigs,

Of snakes and flakes and strange furry bits.

The old lady thought it couldn’t get any worse

Or was this as good as it got?

It was the half way mark

So from here on it had to be easier

At least one thought so

If the demons and screamers

Could be kept at bay

Who knew what might be achieved

As life wound its way to its illogical end.

In the early morning light she heard it again

The unmistakeable sound of the dawn

The mindless chatter of birds

The scurrying for position

As the food source opened up

The screeching and wailing of the hungry

As she settled in against her pillow

Felt her lover roll over into her

As the heavens opened once…

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