Friday Fictioners: Mocking the forgotten dead

hauntingly beautiful flash
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Word Shamble

JhardyPHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Shutters make the windows turn a blind eye – always a blind eye. A breeze blows the limbs of skeletal trees, bony twigs ticking a non-rhythm. Gates hold tufted grass and last year’s crisply fallen leaves prisoner.

A Death’s Head moth – woken early by a fragile burst of sun – batters his powdery wings against the bars. Once, twice, he bounces against the metal then away, flitting over the condemned cells, the exercise yard – the long drop – his careless freedom mocking the forgotten dead.

The breeze steals away to brighter places and leaves the building to its past.


Saw this lovely photo prompt (originally from Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioners) on Ga H Learner’s blog and had to join in. Two pic prompts in one day? What am I like?

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small stones – April 7, 2016


I see
rainbows through grey skies
butterflies amongst beasts
joy through tears
love dwelling with hate

‘though I walk an obscure path
do not mistake this for indifference
my heart beats with beauty
light shines into my soul
love radiates outwardly from me

I just happen to prefer
the darkness