Hump Day Poetry – Week 10


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And now for my poem of the week….

Seasons of Friendship
~for Lisa D.

Once I lingered here
with the sun on our faces
the fields ripe with flowers
and you dancing in the breeze
but my time was so limited
and my memories faded
with the fallen sun

Once I found you there
full of youth and charm
dancing on the beach
with sand in your hair
and salt upon your lips
but I melted in the heat
and left you all alone

Now in our waning years
here I am, leaves surround me
scent of decay invigorates me
I have come into my own
but you are still out there
chasing sunbeams and waves
unable to settle down

Soon, my dearest friend
we’ll have no choice
chilled bones, frosted faces
the acceptance of our fate
will you renounce youth then
and sit with me a spell
until the world fades?

©2016 Lori Carlson. All Rights Reserved.

Happenings in the World of Poetry

Each week I will list 5 poetry (and fiction!) bloggers who I follow and enjoy their work. I hope you will take a few moments to check out their blogs. Here is this week’s offerings:

  1. Tshombe Sekou
  3. Wuji Seshat
  4. John Coyote
  5. Paul @ Amongst the Crowd
  • Paper Plane Pilots is an amazing group of poets and fiction writers. They also host a free literary magazine and are currently accepting submissions for issue eight of In-flight Literary Magazine. The deadline to submit is June 1st.
  • At the NPM Daily blog, you’ll find a new interview with a poet each day during April.
  • The WaterSedge Poetry Chapbook contest is hosted by Writer’s Relief, Inc. The chapbook contest runs to May 25, 2016. The winning poet will receive a $500 cash prize; publication of the poetry chapbook in both print and e-book formats; Amazon distribution for Kindle and print; and 25 free print copies. The contest is limited to poetry chapbooks 24 – 48 pages in length, and the entry fee is $20. Click the link above for complete contest submission guidelines.

REMEMBER: April is National Poetry Month and and you can still join the fun over at the April PAD Challenge and NaPoWriMo Challenge!

Are you looking for weekly poetry (and sometimes fiction) challenges? Never fear! Check out the following:

If you know of other happenings in the world of poetry or  blogs that host poetry challenges, let me know in comments and I will include them in next week’s Happenings!

15 thoughts on “Hump Day Poetry – Week 10

  1. Sonderwriter says:

    Really beautiful poem!

  2. Good hump day to you Lori….here is my effort based on an incident that happened to me this morning whilst out on my walk..

  3. […] A wonderfully imaginative wordsmith, Lori presents an interesting a la carte poetry challenge on Wednesdays: Hump Day Poetry Blog Share. […]

  4. […] I did today: Today started way too early, around 3 am. I intended to only write a Hump Day poem and then go back to bed, but 15 hrs later, I am still up. I am sure I will crash and burn […]

  5. Bastet says:

    Thanks for the shout out, I appreciate it very much Lori.

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  7. rosemawrites says:

    Oh wow… this is just… a beautiful poem. 🙂 It is so great to share such especial friendship. ❤

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