#atozchallenge – Guest Post: L is for Lorelei

My Guest Post over at Annette’s Place, featuring my poem ‘The Temptress Lorelei”
Please stop by Annette’s blog and show her some love. Thanks!

Annette's place

Hello A2Zers out there in the blogiverse! I am Lori Carlson, the guest author here at Annette’s Place. It is my honor to share with you the featured Letter L for today, a poem that I wrote, some interesting tidbits of the usage of the name and a beautiful song at the end. And now I give you….



art credit: The Siren 1900 by John William Waterhouse

Lorelei is a feminine water spirit, similar to a siren or mermaid. She sends sailors to their death by luring them near rocky shores with her beautiful songs.

The Temptress Lorelei

Through Ocean’s depths and waves I roam
In search of sailors long from home

Their tender ears will hear my song
No more of wives will they long

Upon my beauty their eyes will feast
Until I unleash my inner beast

I will claim them with my seductive charm

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7 thoughts on “#atozchallenge – Guest Post: L is for Lorelei

  1. Martha DeMeo says:

    My sister’s middle name is Lorelei and her granddaughter’s first name is Lorelei. Not sure if she knew the meaning, but will share this with her. I’m also doing the a to z blog and wrote L is for Love. http://themarthareview.com/l-is-for-love-and-loving/

  2. Bushka says:

    Seductive, to be sure! 😉

  3. Soul Gifts says:

    And it is told sailors bound themselves to the mast to prevent the temptation of leaping in to the water in response to the alluring song

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