small stones – April 26, 2016


if I didn’t know better
(and I do!)
I’d swear dark forces conspired
to keep me from sleep
a car horn blaring
neighbors yelling
dogs barking
blue jays screeching
(all before 7 am)
screen door banging
diesel engines grinding
brother stirring upstairs
(all by 8 am)
tummy turning
pee-fairies attacking
the smell of coffee brewing
(all around 9 am)
a final sigh
and out of bed I rise

9 thoughts on “small stones – April 26, 2016

  1. Nice! But I’m jealous if you slept in until 6! Or 7 for that matter!

  2. This is cool..:) liked it

  3. artistpath says:

    I can relate! Great poem!

  4. Oh, how well I can relate to this!
    Still, you turned an unpleasant awakening into a wonderfully vivid, rhythmically satisfying poem! Yay!

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