To my Best friend Lori Carlson

My friend Annette has honored me with her words and brightened my heart.
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I never thought I could meet someone online and become this close to her. Lori is my best friend and she is a friend that has asked nothing of me at all. This is a rare thing for me to expierence. I realised today that I was telling her some stuff about me that I thought would scare her off just to see if she would high tale it out of my life as quick as she came in. I was being unfair to her by testing her in this way but, until now I was not sure why I felt such need to tell her everything I feel is bad about me. I am use to people judging and leaving me. I am sorry for that because I know down deep my friend Lori is here for the long haul just as I am for her. She got me…

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