#AwakeAugust – small stones in August August 1st

Such a beautiful and well-written snapshot mindful moment.
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Small boy, fist held tight

Secretively he protects

The jewels he holds closely

They sleep under his pillow

They are part of who he is

Possessive, compulsive

Only three years old.

Written for: http://www.writingourwayhome.com/awake-august-2016/

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#AwakeAugust – small stones in August


Hello, dear friends. During the month of August, I will be joining Satya and Kaspa for their Awake August 2016 and write small stones throughout the month. If you’d like to join us, simply write small stones during the month on your blog and/or post them on their Facebook page. Use the hashtag #AwakeAugust in your title to share with others on Facebook and Twitter. If you are unfamiliar with what small stones are, you can find out here. I do hope you will join in. It is a beautiful mindfulness tool.

Announcement & Update

Hello friends

First, I would like to make an announcement. Two of my poems, Seeking Balance and Unripen, have just been published in In-flight Literary Magazine, Issue #8. You can view them here:


And now I would like to give you all an update. I am still not at 100%. Still working through some personal issues and making some life-changing decisions. I am still not sure when I will be back and writing on a regular basis. In fact, because of these issues that I am dealing with, I’ve had no desire to write. I am hoping this is not permanent.

I miss you all and I miss interacting with everyone. Thank you all for your comments and well-wishes in my absence. I hope you are all enjoying your summer or winter, wherever you are in the world.

Much love and blessings