#AwakeAugust – small stones 08/31/16


like small, flat stones skipped
across a lake, I’ve skipped
these stones across the world-wide lake
in hopes of inspiring not just myself
but others, to mindfully be

Thank you for  joining me,  Satya and Kaspa for their Awake August 2016 and writing small stones throughout the month. While I didn’t write small stones every day, I did write them when I was inspired, which I found more important – quality over quantity. I hope you’ve enjoyed this process and that some of you did indeed join in. Blessings to you all. ~Lori

4 thoughts on “#AwakeAugust – small stones 08/31/16

  1. Nice to find you writing, Lori. I confess to never leaving home much so I miss out on things like Zanzibar and other wonders that you, a true wordsmith, weave.
    I hope you can keep writing and let your creative, imaginative, wonderous self flow.
    Namaste a darkened house / tale weavering phylor

  2. calmkate says:

    Have totally enjoyed each and every one, delightful and insightful, thanks!

  3. calensariel says:

    Very nice. And yes, you sure have skipped a lot of stones around the world! {{{Lori}}}

  4. Soul Gifts says:

    I love your small, skipping stones. Hope this finds you feeling better day by day 🙂

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