powerful poeming! A relative theme of life at a crossroad.
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Putting My Feet in the Dirt


Standing at the desolate and obscure intersection
She stared at the ground and saw her reflection
In a lonely puddle she looked disheveled and forlorn
She hardly recognized herself all tattered and worn
No sense of direction and feeling thoroughly disgraced
She thought of the unending agony that she now faced
Rejected and damaged her scars were unpleasantly clear
She was broken beyond mending and forever hiding in fear
She knew she had to make a decision about which road to take
But all she could do at the moment was stand there and shake
Her life seemed senseless and was brimming with infinite loss
The hurdles were relentless and she couldn’t see how to get across
She stood there and thought for an exceptionally long time
Wondering if loving too much had been her worst crime
Standing still at the crossroads and looking up at the darkening sky

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