“Confessionalist” by Mary Sukala

Powerful poeming in the fashion of the Confessionalists. Brilliant!
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The Confessionalist Booth

As a first post, I felt it only fitting to put up a poem that is closely tied to the name of this chunk of cyberspace. I wrote this a while back, when I first stumbled upon my all time favorite poet, Sylvia Plath. There was something addictive about her cool-as-all-get-out tone. I clamored to find more poets like her and discovered the tribe of poets known as the “Confessionalists,” and fell head over heels with every piece from that era. I quite liked the term and subsequently applied it to my own honest, raw, slightly dark pennings. Despite the way my voice and subject matter in my work has evolved, the name has stuck.

So without further ado, here’s “Confessionalist.”


1. Outside

My people are unsmiling, as if

our mouths will not tug themselves

into grins, low slung valleys. Our sin

is not knowing the…

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