#BookReview – Vampire for Hire: Vampires She Wrote by Eve Paludan


Vampire for Hire: Vampires She Wrote (Kindle Worlds Novella)
(The Secret Chronicles of Fang Book 1)

Set within the world of J.R. Rain’s Vampire for Hire series, Eve Paludan has brought together many of Rain’s character into an exciting new adventure: Fang – a dangerous vampire who runs a members-only blood club, Samantha Moon – a private investigator and vampiress, and Kingsley Fulcrum – Samantha’s lover, a werewolf and a lawyer. A classic literary character and a historical figure also star in this fast-paced supernatural romance.

When Fang first meets Justine Black, a novelist and vampiress, at his blood club, he doesn’t realize that he is about to embark on a lethal mission. He promises to help Justine find the vampire who turned her in a most cruel manner outside his club. Justine wants vengeance. Fang just wants to survive. During the course of their adventure, they fall in love, a love that could be derailed by mortality.

This is the first time I have read any of Eve Paludan’s novels. I also admit, I have not read any of J.R. Rain’s Vampire for Hire series either. However, I didn’t really miss anything by not having a prior introduction to the characters. Paludan crafted her story in such a way, that I felt like I already knew these characters. If you enjoy a great love story that makes you laugh and keeps you on your toes, this is the novella for you. You will easily fall in love with the main characters and root for their success.

There were a couple of literary issues that I found slightly unsettling with the book. It is written almost entirely in dialogue, and at times, I felt that the characters were a bit 2-D as a result. The dialogue tags, which were used sparingly, didn’t always help to move the story along either. With that said, the fight scenes were well-written and exciting. Paludan’s descriptions put you right in the midst of those battles. The initial love scene felt a bit flat, but improved by the end of the book. As a lover of birds, the flight scenes took my breath away.

Overall, this is an amazing story with great characters and well-constructed scenes. It has also encouraged me to read J.R. Rain and Eve Paludan’s other books.

Rating: 4.5 stars (for the few literary issues)

Genre: Supernatural Romance

To Purchase: Amazon

Eve Paludan’s Website

J.R.Rain’s Website




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