Seeing You – Part Twenty-four #NaNoWriMo2016

For the next two days, the case sat at a standstill. The FBI and the Fairfax Police had continued canvassing the mile-long neighborhood near the metro, but so far turned up no leads. They had units patrolling the area of the triangulation, but the white Ford Fusion hadn’t turned up. Rayne’s frustration grew. She’d had no visions and fretted over the welfare of the three girls in Kent Percy’s clutches. She felt useless to the investigation. The whole team felt useless.

It was midday on the second day. The team sat in the conference room going over the case again in hopes that they’d find something they’d overlooked. Troy stuck by Captain Jakes’ side, coordinating with patrol officers. Meanwhile, Rick took the old-school route and shuffled through the paper files, Jenna fished through her notes on her iPad, and Trip monitored police reports on his laptops. There was nothing for Rayne to do, so she kept the coffee cups full. An eerie silence hung over the entire team. No one wanted to admit that time could be running out for Gina, Sally, and Mia. Rayne finally curled up on a chair and closed her eyes, but before she even fell asleep, Trip let out a yell.

“They’ve got him!”

Rayne sat up and rubbed her eyes. Rick and Jenna jumped up from their seats and headed to the end of the table. Troy, who’d heard Trip yell, had been in the captain’s office. He hurried into the conference room with Captain Jakes on his heels.

“They’ve got who?” Troy asked when he reached the end of the table.

“Leo Decker. They’re bringing him in as we speak.”

Jenna raised a brow. “Percy wasn’t with him?”

“Afraid not.”

Rick slammed his fist on the table. He didn’t normally have such fits of rage, but this case had worn him down. “Damn it,” he muttered.

Troy glared at him. “Cool head, Rick. I want you to interrogate this guy and I can’t have you going in there half-cocked.”

Rick nodded his head and walked away from the table. As he rubbed the side of his hand, he stared out the window. The police department was situated across the street from an elementary school. It was recess and the kids were out playing on swings and running around. His eyes zeroed in on every young girl who came into his field of vision. He couldn’t help but ponder what could happen to any of them if they didn’t get Percy behind bars soon.

Rayne walked over and joined Rick by the window. She followed his gaze and sighed. “We were worried about eight-to-ten-year-old girls, but now even younger girls are at risk.”

Rick wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him. “We’ll get him. I’ll make Decker talk.”

Troy motioned for Jenna to join him over by the white board, and she followed him there. He stood in silence for a moment and then finally said, “If Rick doesn’t get anything out of Decker, the two of you are going on a road trip.”

“To where?”

“New York City. I’ve been talking to the New York office and they’ve tracked down some buddies of Decker’s. I want you two to go up there and talk to them.”

“I don’t mean to question you, sir, but why can’t the New York team handle this?”

“I let them do the grunt work, but this is my case and I want you two to do the questioning.”

“Understood, sir. What about Rayne?”

Troy glanced over at Rayne, who still leaned against Rick, and sighed. “I suppose you must take her with you.”

“Don’t see any other choice, sir.”

A patrol officer entered the room. “Captain, we’ve got Leo Decker in Interrogation One.”

The captain nodded and the officer left. He cocked his head at Troy. “It’s your show now.”

# # #

Leo Decker was a slim male, approximately five-foot-seven, with short cropped blond hair and green eyes. He wore a grey tank top, blue jeans, and scruffy black boots. He sat hunched over the table with his legs crossed and his hands twisted together over his chest. When Rick entered the room, the young man didn’t even acknowledge him. Instead, he stared at a spot on the table, unflinching. Rick sat down across from him and tossed a couple of file folders onto the table. He sat there for a long moment staring at Decker.

“Do you know why we brought you in, Mr. Decker?” he finally asked.

The young man shook his head, but continued to stare at the table.

“Do you know Kent Percy?”

Decker looked up with a hint of fear in his eyes, but said nothing.

“I know you do. We have witnesses who’ve seen you two together.”

“He’s… he’s a friend.”

“A friend, okay. Is he the one who put those bruises on your arms?”

Decker stared down at his arms and then glared up at Rick. A moment later, he lowered his eyes.

“Not going to answer that one? Okay, let’s move on. Have you ever lent him your Ford Fusion?”

Decker rolled his eyes around and tilted his head toward the ceiling. “A few times.”

“What about a van? Has he ever driven around in one?”

The young man remained silent.

“Do you share living quarters with him?”

“No, no, no no no,” he said, slightly agitated.

“Okay, Mr. Decker. Calm down.” Rick opened a folder and pulled out a picture of Mia and swung it around in front of Decker. “Recognize this girl?”

He glanced down at the picture, scrunched up his face and flipped it over.

“You do, don’t you?”

Decker shook his head.

“Don’t lie to me, Mr. Decker. I know you know her. She’s missing and you were seen down at the church center the day she disappeared. Her mother, Maria, said you two were friends. What happened to her?”

Decker stared blankly at Rick.

“What did you do to her? Where did you take her?”

He said nothing. Instead, he wrinkled up his brow and shifted nervously on the chair.

Rick pulled out Gina and Sally’s pictures and pushed them across the table. “What about these two girls?”

Decker sneered at Rick.

Rick slammed his fist on the table. “Look at them.”

The young man slowly dropped his gaze. When his eyes landed on the girls’ pictures, he teared up.

“You know who they are too, don’t you?”

Decker shook his head wildly. “No, no.”

“Stop lying to me. Where are they?”


Rick opened a second file and tossed the pictures of the eight dead girls across the table. “I bet you remember these girls too.”

Decker pushed the pictures across the table and swung his body sideways in the chair. “I… I want… a lawyer,” he stuttered.

Rick sighed heavily and stood up. He gathered the pictures and stuffed them back into the folder. “You’ll need a damn lawyer,” he said as he walked out of the room and slammed the door.

# # #

Rick threw up his hands. “I got nothing. He lawyered up.”

Troy paced in front of the white board. “I figured he would. He’s been through the system enough times to know better than to talk.”

“I thought he was going to crack. He came so close. By the time I’d shown him all the girls’ photos though, that’s when he asked for a lawyer.”

“Percy’s got too much control over him.”

“He did admit to knowing Percy and lending him his car. That at least makes him an accessory.”

“Possibly, but I want something solid on him.”

“So, what now?”

“We’ll hold him for forty-eight hours. Try to talk to him again with his lawyer present. We’ve got nothing else here. I am sending you, Jenna, and Rayne to New York City. Maybe you can dig up something there that’s helpful. I’ve already spoken to Jenna. She’ll fill you in.”

“Great. Maybe a road trip will help clear my head.”

Troy chuckled and headed toward the door. “Can you even function with a clear head?”

“Funny one, boss,” Rick grinned.

“Keep in touch with Trip,” Troy said as he walked out of the conference room.

Rick walked over to Jenna, Rayne and Trip who were huddled around the laptops. The New York office had sent files on some of the men they’d rounded up who knew Decker. Rick counted six in all. They’d also sent Decker’s arrest files.

“I’ll send it all to your iPads,” Trip said.

“Just mine,” Jenna said. “I don’t think Rick even knows how to use his yet.”

Rick scoffed. “I do too. I just… I don’t like the blasted thing. I scroll one way and it goes the other direction.”

Jenna chuckled. “Admit it, you’re just too damn old.”

This caused Rayne to laugh.

“Don’t you start too,” Rick growled and then winked at Rayne.

She muffled another laugh with her hands.

“We’d better get going,” Rick said.

A wave of seriousness washed over them as Rick and Jenna packed up their briefcases and Rayne gathered her hobo bag. It was late afternoon and they still had to go by Jenna’s for some clothes and get something to eat. It would be an all-night drive to New York and Rick couldn’t face it on an empty stomach. Trip gave them a thump’s up as they headed out the door.

Seeing You (a working title) is the story of Rayne Fallon, a witch with the power to see into the past and future, although not always accurately. She gets tangled up with FBI’s SA Rick Harris and SA Jenna Styles as they search for an 8 year old missing girl, thought to have been kidnapped by a Serial Killer.

Seeing You ©2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved. Permission must be granted to distribute or copy this serial (unless reblogging). Thank you.

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Book Review – Liberator (The Liberators Saga Book 1) by Nick Bailey and Darren Bullock


Liberator (The Liberators Saga Book 1) by Nick Bailey and Darren Bullock is a fast-paced, high-action, thrilling Science Fiction novel. The premise of the book is that corporations have control of everything and they war among themselves to keep that control. Skye Pennington co-owns Pennington & Shaw, a small corporation linked with Orlanda Nixon’s NCT, Nixon Combined Technologies. They’ve been friends for a long time, back to their days as fighters in the now-defunct Liberators, an advanced technology military group. When Skye gets kidnapped by the Danar Corporation, the Liberators reform to save her. The hook for the sequel is encouraging too.

The battle scenes in this novel are some of the best I’ve ever read. Bailey and Bullock really put you in the middle of the scenes with their descriptive prose.You become one with the fighters. The scenes are hard-core action, generally resulting in bloody massacres. Orlanda Nixon is the most impressive fighter with her sentient armor and katana. She cuts right through the enemy in record time, leaving dead bodies in her wake. You will not be disappointed by these scenes.

This duo writing team also gives you a well-written plot. There are no plot holes, no vagueness, nor unexplored areas. They stick to the plot of the story throughout. Their descriptive settings allow you to envision exactly where you are at any given time in the story. I’ve read world creations in other science fiction novels that left me flat and confused because I couldn’t imagine the settings. That is not the case with this novel. And finally, their characters are well-rounded. You get to know each of the main characters well through the descriptive scenes and characterizations. Even minor characters are described well. You get the sense that this novel was planned out from beginning to end and nothing was left to chance.

My only issues with this novel are the over-use of adverbs and adjectives, and the occasional awkward sentences. Nearly all of the adverbs used in this novel could be eliminated. This is an editing issue. Bailey and Bullock overuse words like ‘excellent’, ‘elegant’ and ‘splendid’ to describe Orlanda’s movements and actions. The reader already understands that Orlanda is a mighty force because of her sentient armor and abilities with the katana. The use of those adjectives over-sensationalized her. Here are a couple of awkward sentences which could have been re-worded through a decent editing process:

From Chapter Five – Only the almost imperceptibly tiny vibrations of the blade gave away the fact that the weapon was imbued with a power field that delivered a cutting edge unattainable by mere honing alone.

From Chapter Six – Killion pulled Skye back from the corner with a shushing motion, his sense of duty to protect his charge overriding the fact he knew she was a competent soldier in her own right.

After a while, I stopped looking for obscure errors and just enjoyed the story. Here is one description though that delighted me: his nerves jangled like stones in a can.

Overall, this is an exciting novel. The authors did a wonderful job with the plot, battle scenes, settings and characterization. If you enjoy hard-core, fast-paced, military-style science fiction, then you will enjoy this novel.

Rating: 4 stars (for literary issues)

Genre: Science Fiction/Thriller

To Purchase: Amazon