Book Review – Lester’s Keeper by George Holm


Lester’s Keeper is an erotic horror short story told from the point of view of Lester – an egotistical, self-absorbed 25 year old. Lester rarely maintains relationships with women, discarding them often. He is about to do the same with his current girlfriend, Maggie. Only, he has one more thing he wishes for Maggie to do for him before he discards her. Lester wants to be a voyeur while Maggie has sex with another man. And he gets his chance when, through a friend of Maggie’s, he learns of an exclusive sex club. Lester’s excitement and enthusiasm gets thwarted as he soon realizes exactly what happens at this sex club. Sorry, I won’t give further details. You will have to read the short story to get all the gory, horror-filled details.

Holm did an excellent job with the characters in this story. Lester is as disgusting a character as one can create. You learn that he really is a dislikeable, narcissistic jerk through his actions, inner dialogue and the way he treats people. Maggie is quiet, demure and all too willing to go along with Lester’s plan. You’d never suspect what a schemer she turns out to be. And of course, Mrs. Knight is a dominating, impressive figure in the story.

Holm also has a way with descriptive language. He presents an unusual dichotomy between the beautiful, descriptive scenery of the drive to the club and their arrival, and the shocking, descriptive sex-ridden horror scenes. I came away from the story in awe of so much beauty and at the same time, such ugliness.

My only complaint with the story is that it needs a little technical revision. Sometimes Holm left off conversation quote tags, but this is such a minor thing and did not detract from the story.

Fair warning, there are descriptions of sex scenes in this story and some foul language. While these do not bother me, they may bother some readers.

Rating: 5 star

Genre(s): Erotica, Horror

To Purchase: Kobo (free) | Author’s Website (free) | Amazon

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