Thoughts On Andromeda Dreaming

I hadn’t planned on beginning a new serial. It was the furthest thing from my mind, but apparently my randy little muse thought otherwise. Catharine whispered in my ear this morning, “Where’s home?” and that was all it took. I was up out of bed, sitting at the keyboard and the words and characters just emerged. I thought about making this a Middle Grade story, but Atica will grow up some during the course of it, so Young Adult seems a perfect place to land this story.

A few of my readers may recognize some details about me in this story – my fascination with Andromeda and crystals, just to name two. The story also goes deeper than just a 9-year old longing for her parents and home. It will also explore issues like personal body images, acceptance, and the struggles of being an outsider, especially in one’s formative years. I think many tweens and teens can relate to that.

So, my plans are to post new parts to this every Tuesday and Friday, unless Catharine decides I need to do it more often. I have no clue how long the story will be. I will just take it week by week. I hope you, my readers, will enjoy my little science fiction story.


One thought on “Thoughts On Andromeda Dreaming

  1. Simply-Me says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be good . All the best.

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