Business Promotions: Nancy Batra – Children’s Book Illustrator/Designer

Hello dear readers and friends. If any of you write children’s books (or know someone who does!) and are in need of an illustrator or book cover designer, I’d like to introduce you to Nancy Batra. On her blog, she says the following about herself and the work she does:

I’m a self-motivated Artist capable of creating a range of multifaceted art styles. I have started my career as a Graphic artist in 2006, emerged as a Children Illustrator/Graphic Novelist. Illustrative Storytelling being a passion, I yearn to develop more contemporary styles and love to create visuals appropriate for a piece of writing, story or a particular theme. The creative freedom this allows, adds to the vast potential of my work. Visuals created purposefully always add value to particular writing or a thought and can attract people of all age-groups. 

Here is what she she can do:

• Proficient in sketching and coloring in Photoshop and Illustrator. 
• Proficient in Story-boarding. Capable of performing 2D animation tasks of all kinds in both digital and traditional animation forms. 
• Capable of creating variety of styles including realistic, cartoon, caricature and stylized categories 
• Experience in children book illustration, graphic novels and concept art
If you’d like to see some of her illustrations, you can view them here – Portfolio 
You can contact Nancy via her blog


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