Book Review – Boogerman’s House by Dax Varley

Boogerman’s House by Dax Varley is a ghost story plus. The old farmhouse has a bad reputation and as such, it acts as the main character in this novella, a place of murder and suicide. There are three prior occurrences – a murdered family by the hands of the father and his suicide after, the death/suicide of two sisters, and finally, the suicide of a famous horror writer who hangs himself in the barn. Three teenagers – Will, Ryan, and Teagan – set off to the house to spend the night gathering information for an article they plan to write for their school paper. One of the teens has an alternative agenda. Will they survive the night? Or will Boogerman’s House claim three more lives?

Although this novella can be a quick read, it does not mean that Varley denies the reader of well-developed characters. The house, Will, Ryan, and Teagan all come to life before your eyes with their own distinctive personalities and the ghosts will definitely scare you. The setting, a notorious haunted house, is so well-described that at times it left shivers down my spine. And the plot is well thought-out and followed through until the very last line (which will also leave chills!).

I love the ease of the storytelling in this novella. Varley doesn’t mince words. There are very few suspenseful build-ups. Instead, she mostly ops for the real-life gotchas, which put the readers right there with each of the characters in the moment of their attacks. I also enjoyed how the author, using both the personal and the impersonal, allowed the house to get inside the heads of the characters. If you love a good ghost story, then this is the story for you.

Notes: This novella has been renamed – Nightmare House. I received a copy of the originally titled novella from Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rating: 5 stars

Genre(s): Horror/Young Adult/Paranormal

To Purchase: (Under new title) Amazon

One thought on “Book Review – Boogerman’s House by Dax Varley

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