Announcement & Update

Hello friends

First, I would like to make an announcement. Two of my poems, Seeking Balance and Unripen, have just been published in In-flight Literary Magazine, Issue #8. You can view them here:

And now I would like to give you all an update. I am still not at 100%. Still working through some personal issues and making some life-changing decisions. I am still not sure when I will be back and writing on a regular basis. In fact, because of these issues that I am dealing with, I’ve had no desire to write. I am hoping this is not permanent.

I miss you all and I miss interacting with everyone. Thank you all for your comments and well-wishes in my absence. I hope you are all enjoying your summer or winter, wherever you are in the world.

Much love and blessings


Suicide and Coffee – Poetry

Suicide and Coffee

My friend tells me that each morning
she awakens with suicide and coffee
on her mind, and then she has a smoke

I want to tell her how my mind
entirely bypasses the coffee
how suicide is the first thought
second thought, all day and night thought

I want to tell her that if I must stay
a simple razor blade will do
crisscrossing over old scars, gashes
just deep enough to bleed out the pain
or awaken the senses and escape numbness

How I want to see my blood trickling
down, down, down
my thighs or arms like red rivers
creating their own pathway
through my white valleys of flesh

But instead, I sit silently, coffee in hand
swallowing her pain as I stifle my own.

©2011 Lori Carlson. All Rights Reserved.

An Illusion of Song – Poetry

An Illusion of Song

I am not a melody of the heart nor sweet
I am the rain that cascades down
a black umbrella at a funeral procession
A reminder that what is and what was
can no longer be

I am the whipping of wind
against an abandoned screen door
No cheerful voices resound
through these desolate walls
nor footsteps upon barren floors

I am the howling of a deranged mind
bound to self and room
My screams heard but misunderstood
You will not find any beautiful tones here
no timbre so fine
only the crashing of waves against a beaten shore

© 2011 Lori Carlson. All Rights Reserved.

No Absolution – Poetry

No Absolution

~from the cheater’s POV~

The bones of my feet creak
and moan — heavy steps
laden with yesterday’s burdens
bring me to you —

I lean over the bed
avoiding eye contact —
shame lingers on my clothes
cigarettes and cheap gin mingle
with her perfume — your sigh
closes in on my neck, squeezes
the air from my lungs

I touch your arm —
a need for absolution snakes down
my wrist to your fingers, and seeks
to curl them into mine
As if on fire, you jerk your hand away
and my bones crumble to the floor

I know the road to forgiveness
have traveled it like a con artist —
You are priest and Mother Mary
and you will weigh each of my sins–

I descend into my private hell
dredge up every detail of unfaithfulness
I lift my head and stare into coal eyes
There is no pity in those pits this time

I rise from the floor, stand before you
hands fidget, knees quiver —
Your words are a whip across my back
fifty lashes, ’til blood rivers across the room
Your tears salt my wounds — an agony
no less than the wounds I gave you —
There will be no redemption, not this time

©2014 Lori Carlson. All Rights Reserved.

The Death Notebooks – Book Spine Poetry

A little ripple has begun… a powerful wave is coming. From Nicola to May J to me.

Book Spine Poetry – the object of this is to pick a few books off of your bookshelf and arrange them so that the titles tell a poem. You can link yours to Nicola above or use the tag #BookspinePoetry. Here is mine, although I won’t have the pictures to go along with it. I will list the authors at the end though.

The Death Notebooks

Losing Faith
Ordinary Light
Finding the Lost Ones



The Death Notebooks – Anne Sexton
Losing Faith – Adam Mitzner
Innocence – Heda Margolius Kovaly
Ordinary Light – Tracy K. Smith
Finding the Lost Ones – Sandra L. Olson



small stones – May 18, 2016


art credit: Always Chasing Rainbows by webgoddess

Chasing Rainbows

chasing rainbows
after a storm
seeking life
from this voided form

circling back
to long forgotten lore
the Dark Mother
holds my worth

I am she
and She is me
one in the same
meant to be

up out of chaos
I arise
Mother Darkness
by my side

into the light
I am cast
that darkened abyss
won’t be my last

embrace the beauty
cherish the light
play in the rain
with all my might

©2016 Lori Carlson. All Rights Reserved.


Demon Night – Poetry


Demon Night

the moon rises
a dark woolen blanket covers the earth
night creatures become still and silent
awaiting their feast

only then do I stir from my grave
into the pitch of night
to canvass the streets for loners
the forgotten souls, castaways like me

from atop buildings, I seek my prey
then zero in with a whoosh of my wings—
silently I cast my spell and lure her away
back to my mausoleum

inside the stone structure, she dances
upon my coffin, mesmerizing me
who is the killer?
who is the prey?
dance over, she sprawls across the coffin
alluring and sensual

in a moment of weakness, I kiss her
as the demon in me screams
I must do this, I simply must!
and with a growl, I rip out her heart

I open the other coffin
and feed the heart to my bride—
for one more night, she will be mine

©2016 Lori Carlson. All Rights Reserved.