A Little Something Different

Since I’ve barely used this blog, I’ve decided to do something a little different with it. My husband gifted me with two books this week: The Pocket Muse and The Pocket Muse 2 both by Monica Wood. I guess he doesn’t want me to run out of ideas because these books are full of writing ideas and tips. My ramblings from these books will be posted here and if anything exciting comes of the work here, that will be posted on my writing site: My Poetry. 

Just a note: If you do search my poetry site and you are unable to view a piece of my poetry, it is likely set at Mature and you would have to join the site and add your birthday to show that you are over 18. Silly, I know, but what can you do?

So yes, this will be my sounding board where I hash out poetics, essays, memoir pieces, etc. It should be interesting and hopefully I will have the stamina to maintain it. I do tend to create things and leave them half nude.

At a Convenience Store, Writing Poetry

While sitting in a booth, an hour before work, I try to write poetry. But the click, click, click of the cash register distracts the musings jammed into my already clustered brain. And as I try to spill words onto this page, a you child spills her soda, the tawny liquid cascades the patterns of her too-tight T-shirt and falls to the floor ~~ the floor I will mop and mop over again, as sticky footprints retrace the night’s events. And the man, a cigar dangling from the sepia corner of his tightly clinched mouth, growls the angered growl of a wounded bear, bearing all to me and the child who hides behind her mother’s saffron sundress. And in the child’s shame, she raises two, too-large coca cola eyes to meet mine, and then lowers them as a tear trails the shadows of her sanguine face.

© 1995 Iona Nerissa