#IWSG – Seeking Balance

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Last month, I was all excited for the A2Z Challenge to begin. I’d planned to write Science Fiction flash fiction for the entire month and I am pleased to say that I succeeded. I also have a wealth of stories now to go back later as time allows and expand them into longer pieces.

However, somehow during April, I got thrown off balance. Along with the flash fiction, I’d also planned to write poetry. I started off well, but I began teetering along that fine line between poetry and prose. I soon discovered that I was having a difficult time switching back and forth between the two. And so, I lost my balance. It could also have been that I’d just taken on too many projects. I did, after all, do two blogs for the A2Z, was trying to do the poetry, plus keep up with all of the other writing challenges that I normally do. The 21st was especially difficult for me and I almost missed the net. Somehow, I regained a bit of balance and completed the A2Z, but not the poetry. I’m not going to beat myself up over it though. There is always next year where I may decided to combine the poetry and A2Z so as not to get too off centered.

So now I am back to writing stories again for the StoryADay in May. I am still writing a bit of poetry, but now I can pick and choose when I want to write it. And I am still seeking that balance between prose and poetry. Hopefully, I will find it.