An exquisite descriptive poeming!
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Poesy plus Polemics

"Cubist Play" Painting by Susanne Clark “Cubist Play”
Painting by Susanne Clark

full throated voice
a resonant range
that emulates all
human octaves
emotively strung
metabolically tuned
timbre richly endowed
by Italian cured
maple and spruce
bred to purpose

gorgeous curves
of pure sound
breathe and echo
expansively inside
a beautiful belly
and torso exquisite
of delicate convex
enlightened and carved
by ancient-taught
masterful hands

no wonder each
bow-stroke draws deep
sympathetic vibration
within every listener
bringing its music
beyond the attention
of mind and of ears
to register inside the
heart and the soul
to quicken the very
substance of marrow

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