Liebster Award

I’ve been nominated by the lovely Sandra Yeaman for the Liebster Award. Actually, she nominated all three of my blogs at once. I am deeply honored and humbled by her kind words.

Sandra is a fascinating woman who, in her own words, “has been writing her story and her journey from young woman seeking adventure to a mature woman who found her mission.” Her A2Z posts are filled with the amazing places she has lived and/or visited.

The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers. This is a way to recognize great fellow bloggers for their work and to promote their blogs and our blogs as well.


These are the guidelines to keep this award going when you decide to accept the award.liebster-award

  1. Display an image of the award and write about your nomination.
  2. Thank and link the person who nominated you for this award.
  3. Answer the 11 questions prepared for you by the blogger who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 5-11 awesome bloggers who you think  deserve this award, and create 11 questions of your own for your nominees to answer.
  5. List these guidelines in your blog post.


  1. What book(s) are you reading now? Currently, I am reading the following books: Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling (The Tazor’s Adventures Pirate Tales) by Ronovan Hester and P.S. Bartlett, The Oracle Philon 2 by Jerry Kubicki, and The Raven – The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic by Aderyn Wood.
  2. Who else do you think would enjoy reading [them]? I’m not sure. They are all different genres. So, I guess anyone who isn’t limited to just one genre. 
  3. Which author would you like to write your life story? Probably Stephen King. Why? I think he could capture my darkness well.
  4. Name three authors you would like to invite to dinner. I would say Ray Bradbury, Lisa Jackson, and Stephen King. Why? They represent my three favorite genres – science fiction, thriller/suspense and horror. It would also make for some fascinating conversations.
  5. Summarize your life in three sentences. “I suffered. I endured. I overcame.”
  6. What was the last book you read that kept you up late into the night to finish? Wow, it has been so long since I’ve had the luxury of reading a book long into the night to finish it. I read so many books at once, that I generally schedule them each night for 2-4 chapters each night. I cannot recall the last time.
  7. Have you read a book recently you decided was a waste of time? If I think it might be a waste of time, I don’t even begin it.
  8. What’s your favorite genre? Science Fiction Why? I love the possibilities, the world-building, aliens and the technology.
  9. What genre haven’t you read much of yet? I’ve probably read just about all genres. Contemporary Romance is my least favorite.
  10. What would be a good title for your autobiography? A Delicious Torment
  11. What’s the title of the next book you plan to begin reading? I’ve promised to review Soul Retrievers by David Burton, will begin it mid-May


Most everyone who knows me here in the blogiverse know that although I happily accept all awards that are issued to me, I do not do nominations. My reason for this is that many of my favorite bloggers have award-free blogs and I do not wish to violate their decisions. So as usual, I will list 11 questions and anyone who wishes to answer them can consider themselves nominated. Snag the badge, display the rules, answer the questions and link back to me so I can read them. Or, if you’d prefer, just answer the questions in comments.


  1. What brings a smile to your face? Why?
  2. You’ve just settled down with a few close friends for a lovely evening. What do you talk about?
  3. What is your favorite beverage? Why?
  4. Who is your ‘dirty little secret’ (that one celebrity you don’t admit to watching, but never miss anything they are in)?
  5. What are you grateful for? Why?
  6. If money were no object, where would you live? Why?
  7. The love of your life just gave you a present. What is it?
  8. What do you daydream about?
  9. What is your birth order? Do you fit the stereotype?
  10. If your life was a book, what genre would best represent it? Why?
  11. Would you rather have a lot of acquaintances or a few close friends? Why?



Blogger Recognition Award


I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by the lovely Brooke @ theutopianuniverse. Thank you so much, Brooke. I am humbled and honored and graciously accept your nomination.

The Rules:

  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two advice notes to new bloggers
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to

I think I’ve told the story about how A Whispered Wind came about before, but I will tell it again for my new followers. A Whispered Wind is actually the title of an unfinished novel that I was working on eons ago. When I began it, I was in the flow of it full force. Then I had a serious bout of depression. When I recovered from that depression, I could no longer get back into the voice of my MC. It sits now on a shelf awaiting the day when I may or may not get back to it. So why did I chose to use the title of an unfinished novel? Good question. I love the way the words sound together. I used to post my poetry and short fiction on another site, but I had a falling out with some of the writers there and decided to just create a blog to put my work on. I was currently working on that novel and thought that maybe I would post it on here too. That never came about, but I have been pretty much actively blogging here on A Whispered Wind since.

My best advice for new bloggers:

  1. Make your blog easily accessible to other bloggers. You can do this by adding the following widgets to your blog: Follow Me by Email, Search, Calendar, Archives, Categories, Tags, Social Media. You can add other widgets too, but the above should be on every blog to make it easier for your followers to follow you on other media (if you want that kind of thing), find your stuff, and go back through your blog for your older material.
  2. Chose a theme for your blog, be it a personal journal, writing blog for your poetry or fiction, your hobbies, or just interesting facts that you have knowledge about.
  3. (yes, I know it said 2, but I just have to add this!) Be consistent! This goes for not only posting regularly, but answering your comments and visiting those who follow you as often as possible. The blogosphere is a community and if you want followers, you have to give as much as you take.

As for nominations, I nominate EVERYONE! You are all phenomenal and I enjoy all of your blogs! So consider yourself nominated, grab the badge, follow the rules and link back to me so I can read your answers.


Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big: 3/11/16

Danny is hosting his weekend Meet and Greet! Stop by and leave a link and join the party!
Comments are disabled. Please visit Danny’s blog, Dream Big Dream Often! Thanks!

Dream Big, Dream Often

always dream big orlando espinosa credit:

It’s the Meet and Greet weekend at Dream Big!!

Ok so here are the rules:

  1. Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of this post.
  2. Reblog this post.  It helps you, it helps me, it helps everyone!  So hit the reblog button.
  3. Edit your reblog post and add tags.
  4. Feel free to leave your link multiple times!  It is okay to update your link for more exposure every day if you want.  It is up to you!

  5. Share this post on social media.  Many of my non-blogger friends love that I put the Meet n Greet on Facebook and Twitter because they find new blogs to follow.

Now that all the rules have been clearly explained get out there and Meet n Greet your butts off!

See ya on Monday!!

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Hump Day Poetry – Week 4


Hump Day Poetry is a weekly poetry blog-share every Wednesday. Here’s how you can join in

The rules:

1. Write a poem (any type of poetry, even for other challenges) You have from Wednesday to the following Tuesday to link up!
2. Grab the badge and display it on your blog to show your support.
3. Link it to my poem of the week with a pingback or by leaving the link to your poem in comments.
4. Visit other bloggers’ poetry for that week. Like, leave a comment, and share! (Please try to visit as many other poets as possible. Keep the community love flowing!)

Note: to create a pingback, simply include the url of this post somewhere in your post. Please check my page to ensure your pingback has posted. If not, it is either awaiting moderation, or the pingback failed (happens sometimes!). To ensure your post is seen, you may want to just add the link to my page. I would rather have duplicates than not get to read your poetry!

Click HERE for further information. And now for my poem of the week….


My Anchor
~for Lisa D.

O my dear friend
how I long for days’ past
when life was carefree
our greatest struggles
just to fit in
these years as outcast
have hardened me
worn me to bone
a masked skeleton
only your devotion
keeps me here
prevents Death
from his conquest
O how easily I could drift
lose my way upon the sea
you are the anchor
that keeps me safe
my darkened soul
lifted, lightened
by your touch

©2016 Lori Carlson. All Rights Reserved.


Happenings in the Wold of Poetry

Check out 48 Writing Contests in March 2016 – No entry fees (note: poetry, fiction and non-fiction contests)

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


My lovely friend Annette has nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I am deeply honored by this. Annette has become an important part of my life and I am blessed to know her. She has offered some questions and I will do my best to answer them.

  1. Why do you blog? I blog because I desire to share whatever I create with others, to enjoy others’ works, and to make good friends.
  2. Do you hope to accomplish something with blogging or do you just enjoy it? Actually both. I wish to create a network with other writers and I enjoy blogging.
  3. Where do you live? A small railroad town in S.W. Virginia
  4. What are a few of your top books? The House of Breath by William Goyen, The Ender’s Game series by Orson Scott Card, my entire Stephen King collection, The Mars books by Kim Stanley Robinson, and my collection of poetry books by a variety of poets.
  5. How about movies? What are your favorites? Oh dear, where to start. My all time favorite movie is The Breakfast Club. Some of my other faves are Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty Woman, City of Angels, Eat Pray Love, Dr. Zhivago, all of the X-Men movies, all of the Iron Man movies, and tons of classic movies from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.
  6. What could you not live without? Air, water, food, clothing and shelter. Seriously, I could do without everything else.
  7. How would you hope to be described? Eccentric, odd, loving, compassionate, and friendly.
  8. What is your soapbox? Racism, bigotry and ignorance.
  9. Where would you like to retire? I already am, somewhat, but if I had my druthers and apparently with this question, I do, it would be somewhere in coastal Maine.
  10. What do you do for work/day job/etc.? I am disabled, but I am also a writer.

As for nominations, this is the only part of these awards that I do not participate in. So many of my blogging friends do not accept them and I don’t want to push this on anyone who wouldn’t want to participate. So, instead, I nominate anyone who wishes to participate. Snag the award banner and answer the above questions and if you would be so kind, link back to me here so I can read your answers.


Hump Day Poetry – Week 2

Hump Day Poetry is a weekly poetry blog-share every Wednesday. Here’s how you can join in

The rules:

1. Write a poem (any type of poetry, even for other challenges) You have from Wednesday to the following Tuesday to link up!
2. Link it to my poem of the week with a pingback or by leaving the link to your poem in comments.
3. Visit other bloggers’ poetry for that week. Like, leave a comment, and share! (Please try to visit as many other poets as possible. Keep the community love flowing!)

Note: to create a pingback, simply include the url of this post somewhere in your post. Please check my page to ensure your pingback has posted. If not, it is either awaiting moderation, or the pingback failed (happens sometimes!). To ensure your post is seen, you may want to just add the link to my page. I would rather have duplicates than not get to read your poetry!

Click HERE for further information. And now for my poem of the week….


Jeweled Box
~for Lisa D.

Holding on
to precious memories
was never my forte
this mind is a sieve
only bits and pieces
make it through
anger and deception
lost loves
tethered worries

only you
seem to remember all
your mind is solid
a jeweled box
collecting keepsakes
sorting the good
and the bad
locking them away
a safe haven

we will both be lost
when your mind goes

©2016 Lori Carlson. All Rights Reserved.


Happenings in the World of Poetry

If you are interested in writing Haiku, check out the following blogs who host Haiku writing challenges each week:

Haiku Horizons – a new word prompt each Sunday

RonovanWrites – two words prompt each Monday

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille via Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – a prompt for a haiku or haibun each Wednesday

If you have a poetry book or chapbook (or know someone who does) and would like to see it featured here on Hump Day Poetry, or you know of a special poetry event, or poet interview you would like highlighted, or if you know of a contest or blog that hosts poetry prompts… seriously, anything dealing with poetry, drop me an email at ravynehawke(a)gmail(dot)com

Muse Party Blogfest: Anti-Valentine Edition

v-day muse party

The Muse Party Blogfest is brought to you by Sarah and Jordan @ The Faux Fountain Pen in honor of their musiversary. You can read all about it here

1. Who did you bring to the party? Is he/she your Valentine or anti-Valentine?

*Lori and Evelyn enter the party*
Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you all to my muse, Evelyn. She just happened to be in town and forced asked me to bring her. You could say she is my anti-Valentine…
*Evelyn burst free into the room*
Hello, hello! It’s time to get this party started! Where’s the wine? the champagne? No need for party favors as I am here!

2. Which one of you is the more romantic person?

Not her! There isn’t a romantic bone in her body… now as for me… I…
Oh do shut up Evelyn!
Touchy touchy, dear. Just admit it, you hate all things romantic, especially Valentine’s Day!
Of course I hate it! Flowers, chocolates, romantic gestures. Bleh!

3. What gift are you giving to your (anti) Valentine?

Gifts? Why should I give her any gifts! She’s barely around… always running off somewhere exotic…
I brought you a great story idea! The least you could do is give me something back in return…
One story idea in how long? a year at least? I should have brought Catharine.
*Evelyn rolls her eyes*
Here… *Lori hands Evelyn a small box*
*Evelyn opens it and squeals with excitement*
What a lovely brooch! *looks down at her chest* sorry, love.. no where to put it. Can you hold on to it for me? *hands it back to me*

4. Are you guys wearing red or pink (or black…)? 

Lori’s Dress:


Evelyn’s Dress:


5. Did you bring any Valentine’s Day treats? 

oh yes! We whipped these up in the kitchen.
We? don’t look at me. I don’t cook, not with these nails!
Oh just give Sarah the treats!
*Evelyn hands over a couple of platters*


6. Name a song for our Love Playlist or Anti-Love Playlist (or both)! 

*Evelyn takes out a small disc and hands it over to the DJ*
Don’t look at me, Lori made me bring it!

7. Got a great anti/Valentine party game? 

How about we twist Evelyn into a pretzel?
It was just a suggestion, my dear.

8. Feeling the love or just feeling nauseous? How will you have fun at the party?

*Evelyn dances around the room, singing, drinking champagne, eating chocolate-covered strawberries*
*Lori stands to the side, glaring at her muse*
Having a blast… really, I am.
Oh let loose for once, will ya?
*Lori sighs and stuffs a bon-bon in her mouth*

9. Has your muse been a good Valentine? 

of course I have *blows kisses at Lori*
Catharine would have been more my style.
Catharine is a bore! Just like you… and you wonder why I am always in Hawaii!

*Jordan’s Bonus Question (feel free to ignore him…): Did you bring me & Sarah a musiversary gift? (Because we’ve put up with each other for five years and I think we deserve something.)

I found this in an adorable shop… thought you might like it


They would have preferred a new laptop or maybe new printer
Shut up, Evelyn… *I* don’t even have a new laptop or printer
Suit yourself… it’s a lame gift…
Catharine would have approved…
Oh good lord… Catharine again! *storms off*

Thank you, Sarah and Jordan… lovely party, but I need to get miss Sassy Pants home. Had an okay lovely time! Cheers everyone!

Guest Poet -Srdjan Solkotovic

The following poem is from guest poet, Srdjan Solkotovic @ The Writing Hut. Run Away is taken from Srdjan’s book of poetry, Rain and Wind, published in 2013 at Smashwords. All rights belong to the author and I have been given permission to post this poem here. Please do not distribute without Srdjan’s permission.

Run Away

Run away
Don’t let the rain scare you
Don’t let the wind hold you back
Run away into the world
The clouds will fade away
And the sun will shine your way
The wind will blow in a different direction
And it will push you forward

Run away
Don’t live your life in fear
Can’t you hear
They are calling for you
The spirits, they don’t want you to fear
Let a tear when you have to
But never forget that you are still you
Run away, don’t live without seeing the world.

Copyright 2013 Srdjan Solkotovic

Note: The Writing Hut accepts poetry, short fiction, fiction and writing tips. If you’d like to see your work published there, hop on over the site, register and send along your work. This site does not pay for publication and you retain all rights to your work.

If you would like to see your work published here at A Whispered Wind as a guest, please email me at ravynehawke at gmail dot com (you know what to do to fix that so it’s an actual email address, right? I thought so!). All poetry and short fiction is welcomed.