small stones – March 16, 2016


art credit: Warp Shader Vortex by a-musing-discordian

O Catharine!
I feel your whispers
upon my cheek
your touch
upon my soul
like the gentle lull
of the ocean, breathing


small stones – February 5, 2016


art credit: Despair by Bi22 (Hiba Omeirat)

dark clouds ascending
a wave of despair crashes
upon my shores

this is the mindset
Catharine declares
needed for the day’s writing

his mood
must be
my mood

or this whole thing
will sink
to the ocean’s depths

small stones – February 3, 2016


too late to bed
too early to rise
such a sleepy head
definitely not wise

grab a cup of coffee
sip away the night
gather up my thoughts
force myself to write

such is my world
when Catherine’s unfurled


small stones – January 31, 2016


art credit: original collage “Contemplation” by Lori Carlson

sipping tea
and contemplating
on a life reduced
possessions & health

Catharine refuses
to be reduced
she floods my mind
poetry & stories

she bids no rest
for my wicked soul


small stones – January 12,2016


you come to me in dreams
flights of fantasy
on gossamer wings
inhabit my soul
and entrench my mind
digging deep
what do you find?
a heart broken too many times
lives stolen
marked by rhymes


small stones – January 3, 2016


winter’s frozen breath
ascends from toes to cheeks
I rub fingers to warm
wrap myself in cashmere
and begin my morning ritual

it’s time…
to sip coffee
commune with Catharine
and write


small stones – January 2, 2016

do it - procrastination concept

chattering with friends
clamoring of dishes
a~musing with Sherlock

and all the while
Catharine continue to whisper
you should be writing